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Comments about مقدمة في المحاسبة - مثال على الميزانية العمومية

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Latest Comments

  • Bishar Abdi Somalia thanks this chapter is very interested but i have a question related to loan so what is the difference between the loan of current liability and loan of non- current liability
    2014-12-01 07:12:44

    • Walter Flores United States of America I think someone forgot to include that chapter because it seems that it jumps from step 1 to step 3.
      2014-12-04 20:12:53
  • Alyssa Jones United States of America What is an example of a drawing?
    2014-09-30 16:09:32

    • Nuwanga Amarasinghe Sri Lanka Drawing is when the proprietor take money/inventory out of the business for his personal use for an example if I take $200, the entry for that transaction is Drawings Account Dr $200 / Cash/Bank Cr $200
      2014-10-11 05:10:02
  • Anguyo Biko Simon Uganda What is an equity?
    2014-09-14 16:09:44

    • Irene Mann Israel owener's capital
      2014-10-14 18:10:57
  • Anguyo Biko Simon Uganda what is the difference between stock of supplies and stock as on 31 May in the example above?
    2014-09-14 16:09:26

  • Danniella Abbott United Kingdom Net profit is a one year comany structure & would not be put in the balance sheet
    2014-09-12 19:09:48

    • Irene Mann Israel the profit or loss is calculated in inprofit and loss statement, and the result must be shown in balance sheet.
      2014-10-14 18:10:58
  • Reggie Florendo Philippines how is net profit in this example, calculated?
    2014-09-08 12:09:08

    • Mary Jane Jolicoeur Mauritius gross profit less the different expenses
      2014-11-21 19:11:28
    • Pavan Kashyap India net profit is calculated in the Profit and loss sheet this is total company assets and liabilities NET PROFIT is one year company structure so we do not calculate net profit in the balance sheet
      2014-09-11 00:09:38
  • Olga Ndugwa Uganda why is accrued rent an asset and prepaid rent a liability.? shouldn't it be the other way round. ie accrued rent a liability and prepaid rent an asset
    2014-08-15 07:08:36

    • Mary Jane Jolicoeur Mauritius It seems to me that it is rent receivable and not rent payable. that is why it is treated the other way round
      2014-11-21 19:11:00
  • Gainamungu Aminah Uganda why is accrued rent an asset yet pre paid rent is a liability?
    2014-07-19 14:07:05

    • Satyajit Roy Bangladesh sorry ,accrued for rent definition below,,,, in real accrued rent is here when we will get rent in future then accrued rent is asset for us
      2014-08-20 18:08:35
    • Satyajit Roy Bangladesh this pre paid rent we have already accepted means get from our building by giviing rent to other & accrued rent we need to pay in future so these are liability
      2014-08-20 18:08:33
  • Agendia Aloys Etiendem Cameroon why is accrued and prepaid treated on the current assest
    2014-07-14 11:07:18

  • Rizwan Khan Pakistan why assets and equities are not equal?
    2014-06-25 09:06:50

    • Satyajit Roy Bangladesh because liabilites is there
      2014-08-20 18:08:31
  • Rizwan Khan Pakistan what is different between accrued rent or prepaid rent?
    2014-06-25 09:06:02

    • Mary Jane Jolicoeur Mauritius Accrued rent is what is due whereas prepaid rent is rent which has been received in advanced
      2014-11-21 19:11:09
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